CohesiveFT Launches VPN-Cubed For Amazon EC2

Update: CohesiveFT now also offers IPsec connectivity to VPN-Cubed running inside Amazon EC2. Read more.

Today CohesiveFT team officially launches VPN-Cubed for Amazon EC2, a product that has been in beta for several weeks now. Check out the announcement on Elastic Server blog, which talks about both Pay and Free Editions, or check out the product page.

VPN-Cubed for EC2 is a self-service preconfigured solution that allows you to build overlay networks inside Amazon EC2 cloud, either in a single region (US or EU) or spanning multiple regions. Building a private network across the Atlantic can not be any easier or cheaper than this! All you need to get started is familiarity with EC2 - we packaged the rest into AMIs and wrote detailed step-by-step documentation.

The product has all the benefits of our regular VPN-Cubed offering:

  • customer assigned IP addresses in the cloud
  • encrypted communications between all hosts
  • built-in high availability and failover, no single points of failure (there is no single master server in case you are wondering)
  • support for IP multicast inside EC2 cloud (without VPN-Cubed, your multicast-based applications will not work in EC2)

And in addition, we created an easy-to-use web-based admin tool to make configuration and monitoring your private topology in the cloud even simpler.

VPN-Cubed for EC2 is a great way for you to quickly try it out, see how it works and how it can help you take your cloud operations to the next level. And if you need greater flexibility, more complex interconnects, customized discovery, agent-based monitoring, further traffic optimization or want to use VPN-Cubed outside of EC2 - contact us and we can tailor VPN-Cubed to meet your needs.

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Comments (3)

Ed Daniel // 07 Apr 2009

With the extra layers added I'm curious to know the latencies one should expect to see when using VPN-cubed according to different traffic characteristics / use cases.

Dmitriy // 07 Apr 2009

This is a good point. We have not observed considerable increase in latency in typical web server scenarios, or in scenarios such as, for example, Gigaspaces software doing multicast service discovery in EC2 on top of VPN-Cubed (key word is "considerable" and it is a subjective measure).

The best way to see how added latency impacts your use case is to try - this is one of the reasons we put out Free Edition in the first place: you pay $.30 processing fee and then only pay $.10 per manager instance to Amazon (in other words, only regular EC2 charges). If you run your test use case for several hours, it won't cost you more than a couple of bucks.

PS. Please note that this is my personal blog. Official company support for VPN-Cubed is available at

Mikayel // 15 May 2009

in addition to this I will suggest using for monitoring your EC2 instances both from outside and inside the network