Compiling Erlang On Linux With Old Glibc

I recently wanted to compile Erlang (in order to install RabbitMQ) on a Linux box with old glibc (2.3.2, from days of Red Hat Linux 7.0). It was the only out-of-date component, everything else was quite fresh - GCC 4.3.3, binutils 2.19.1.

Version of Erlang I used was R12B-5. I configured it with ./configure –disable-x –enable-threads –disable-hipe.

But it wouldn’t build, giving me the following error:

Fatal, could not get clock_monotonic value!, errno = 22

This was strange because I had no problems building this version of erlang on Debian Etch, even with an older compiler.

The solution was to edit all instances of config.h in the build tree (in my case, there were 2 - lib/erl_interface/src/i686-pc-linux-gnu/config.h and erts/i686-pc-linux-gnu/config.h) after running ./configure but before starting make and comment out this line:

/* Define if you want to use clock_gettime to simulate gethrtime */

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