More Cloud Magic from CohesiveFT

Someone once asked me to explain cloud computing. I jokingly replied that it’s like running your servers somewhere where there is no shortage of CPU power, storage capacity or bandwidth, and you get charged only for what you actually use. And if you needed more, you just ask (via API) - and it’s there. “Wow! There’s gotta be some magic involved in that,” my buddy said.

Today we at CohesiveFT announced a new solution called VPN-Cubed, which can add even more magic to your cloud-based deployment. It offers “customer-controlled security in a cloud, across multiple clouds, and between the physical data center and cloud(s).” But it’s not only a security solution, but also a network infrastructure component that complements our flagship Elastic Server On Demand platform. It has high availability built in, and no single points of failure. It supports many different topologies and is available on many different operating systems (including Windows). It was developed in part to facilitate our own internal infrastructure (read: we needed something like this to run our own business), and has been in use internally for some time.

I was involved in this project from the engineering side, and I am extremely excited about the end result. You should definitely check it out!

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