Update: Commercial counterpart of VcubeV is called VPN-Cubed, it's being developed by my employer CohesiveFT. VPN-Cubed is a vastly superior product, which eliminates various limitations of VcubeV and introduces new functionality. Check it out at

This week on Elastic Server blog we announced the official name of the technology that I described in my article for Linux Journal. It’s now called VcubeV (the Vs are silent).

I love it. Did you notice association with P2P, especially if you take “P” to stand for “physical” instead of “peer”? “V” in our case is “virtual” (as in virtual machines) and cube is a next power after 2, which at least in my mind indicates VcubeV’s ability to work through firewalls and NAT (vs. 2 which assumes direct network connectivity).

Anyway, kudos to my colleagues at CohesiveFT for coming up with such a great name!

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