Domestic Flying to Get More Cramped Than Ever

It’s started - AA will be charging for each bag you check in (via Today In The Sky). People will stop checking in their bags at first of course. So if you are boarding in group 3 or late in group 2, expect to find no room in overhead bins to put your bag. And if it’s big enough not to fit under the seat in front of you (or if you are flying on MD80 and your seat is next to left engine - there is no seat in front of you at all, it’s just a wall) - you might be SOL.

I think AA can kiss good bye to their on time performance for at least several months (if they are lucky!), but it will be pretty sad if other airlines will follow their lead. Good luck to us all! I also sympathize with American’s flight attendants who will have to face a lot of very angry customers.

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