PalmOS Blazer-Friendly Browsing with GWT

Those of us who [still] have a PalmOS-based device and use its Blazer browser will probably know that Blazer may take some time to render complex pages, and the end result might not even be readable on a small screen. I recently found a solution to this problem that works great, at least for me.

On your phone, head over to and enter URL you are trying to get. GWT (which stands for Google Web Toolkit) will fetch the content and optimize it for your mobile browser. Additionally, it will adjust all links to also go through GWT, which makes Internet surfing with Blazer not painful at all.

For example, I like checking Techmeme on train on my way to work. They offer mini version, which renders well on my Palm Centro from Sprint. But if I want to follow a story and click on a link, I usually get the page not optimized for mobile (there are several exceptions that detect user agent and adjust content formatting). Instead, in my Blazer bookmarks, I have this - From this page, I can jump to any story and get the content nicely formatted for my Centro.

UPDATE: It looks like I might have confused Google Wireless Transcoder (GWT) with Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

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