Raising Money for Ivan - Please Help

Most of us often get donation solicitations in mail. When it’s for children, these solicitations often feature a story of one child who needs help. However, if one donates, the money always goes to the organization, not to this particular child. So you never know if that child got the needed treatment and you don’t know the results.

You now have a chance to DIRECTLY help someone, a real person, not organization. Andrii and I together attended Kiev Polytechnic Institute, together worked on lab assignments, played volleyball and Preferans. Andrii’s son Ivan needs your help. You can conveniently donate via PayPal at http://www.mysql.com/about/help-ivan.html - any size donation matters!

“My family got bad news - doctors said allogenic bone marrow transplantation is the only chance for my son Ivan.

“8 months of heavy and expensive immune suppression brought some positive results so we hoped that recovering is just question of time.

“Ivan is very brave boy - not every human meets so much suffering during whole life, like Ivan already met in his 2,5 years. But long road is still in front of us to get full recover - we are ready to come it through.

“Ukrainian clinics have no technical possibility to do such complex operation, so we need 150-250K EUR for Israel or European or US clinic. The final decision will be made considering amount we able to find. Perhaps my family is able to get ~60% of that by selling the flat where parents leave and some other goods, but we still require external help.”

– Andrii Nikitin, MySQL Engineer

Please join us in raising money for Ivan - donate today.

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