Hello world!

Welcome to redesigned somic.org, my personal web site. Last time the site was online, I lived in totally different part of town, had another job (in fact, I changed more than one job between then and now), was single. But things changed - I am now happily married, we have a cute baby girl, and we live in beautiful village of Mundelein, Illinois.

I now have a better idea what I want this site to be. It will have our private photo album, some information about me and my family, as well as some way to get in touch with me. I am also planning a technology portal, where I am hoping to share results of activities I am involved with at work and my own research. It will probably be a collection of HOWTO documents, scripts, tricks and ideas focusing around Linux, open source, system administration and operations.

I also decided to start my own blog recently. It is not about anything in particular - it’s just a convenient medium for me to publish my thoughts and ideas on whatever I happen to be interested on a given day. If it helps me find other individuals around the world, whose thoughts and ideas are close to mine, that would be great. If not - oh, well, at least I would have given it a shot.

So anyway. Welcome to new somic.org - enjoy!

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